Customizable nomadic lamp for children a unique and indispensable gift ...

Nomadic Lamps

Innovation and design for our Passe-Partout nomadic lamps ...

A nomadic torch lamp which is designed and developed specifically for growing children and young parents! Discover in the pictures here!

Our pretty lamp with soft light is ideal for reading, lighting up without being dazzled, getting up at night and fighting monsters! .... it will quickly become essential for playing, reassuring and falling asleep in peace without waking up mummy or daddy at night!

Passe-Partout is fully customizable on its lampshade or on its handle ... which makes it a truly unique gift!

A birthday gift, newborn gift or baptism gift is not only beautiful but also useful to delight for both small and grown ones!

French and eco-responsible manufacturing

Original registered model Polochon & cie - Polochon company

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