Customizable nomadic lamp for children a unique and indispensable gift ...


Our nomadic lamp PASSE-PARTOUT can be used as torches, reading lights, nightlights, wall lights or table lamps.

They can be used by children and parents for the 1st nights with baby, 1st autonomous get ups, 1st fears of the dark and 1st readings.

Rechargeable, they're perfect for soothing, reassuring and empowering your little ones.

You can personalise them to create a unique and lasting gift.


The Box       

A 5-in-1 box containing a pretty rechargeable nomadic lamp from newborn to grown ups alike. Depending on the moment or mood, it can be transformed to become a bedside lamp with its pretty base, a wall lamp with its hook, a nightlight, a reading light or a torch.

This Made in France box is ideal for a birth, birthday, christening or back-to-school gifts... It can also be personalised on the handle or the beech heart base! Passe-Partout is a unique gift, as beautiful as it is useful.

The Lamp      

A nomadic walking lamp designed and developed specifically for growing children and young parents!

Passe-Partout is ideal for reading, for lighting up without dazzling, for getting up at night without fear... it's an essential for playing, for reassurance and for falling asleep!

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