Our Concept

We design and create innovative, useful and decorative objects for the whole family. Our aim is to brighten and improve the day-to-day lives of adults and children by avoiding to let lights lit on all night like traditional nightlights.

All our suppliers are selected locally, less than 100km away from our workshop, in order to garantee quality manufacturing, thus taking care of the planet as well as our children well being...

Sensory Design

Our lamps stimulate all senses via their materials such as beech wood or wool felt, their rounded shapes, and ergonomic designs. Each material is carefully selected for both its visual appeal and touch. 

We create and manufacture products designed to create a feeling of well-being and softness. Every material is important; for example, beech wood is deliberately left raw for a soft touch that encourages caressing and patting this living material. Children will enjoy holding our products in their little hands and won't let go of them... and what's more, they won't risk anything by putting them in their mouths !

Our Luminous Signature

Our "Passe-Partout" and "KIVALA" nomadic lamps are first and foremost lighting innovations made from sustainable materials, equipped with 4 yellow LEDs (2767 Kelvin) with a low blue light density (<-20%).

Their "protective diffuser domes" prevent the eye’s direct contact with the light source, reducing the risk of glare.

Thanks to the lampshade with a pop-up that opens and closes or the felt masks, dimming the light becomes child’s play; you can use our lamps as a night light when closed, but also for reading or illuminating the room when opened. The soft and focused light provides a sensation of a luminous cocoon without lighting up the entire room.

 The brightness of our nomadic lamps is adjustable in night light mode or in a brighter mode according to your needs. They emit no heat or glare.

Positive and caring Education

Inspired by the Montessori method (an educational system based on building independence and self-confidence to help children learn) our nomadic lamps allow:

 - Better assimilation of rest periods and activity times;

 - Discovering the world at their own pace through observation, imagination, and play

- Encouraging autonomy through simple and sensory ergonomics,

 - Creating their own reassuring "cocoon" without overstimulation,

 - Promoting quality sleep by favourising their well-being; the lamp becomes a luminous comforter that reassures the child.


Our lamps are specially designed to be nomadic and adaptable to every moment and place in your daily life. They are ergonomically designed for optimum grip and ease of use at any age, durable and scalable to remain useful in all circumstances. 

We aspire to be more than just a lamp. We want to become your life's companion, whatever your age. Extremely light, they'll accompany you wherever you go.

Useful and Innovative

Evolving, useful and innovative, our decorative items will accompany you through every stage of life.

Baby's first nights, first fears of the dark, first independent wakings, first evening readings - our lamps will accompany your children from birth, to soothe and reassure them.

Our creative motivation is driven by the need to be useful. Helping children to learn, developing their imagination, bringing a soft glow to everyday life, calming night-time fears...

In a world of over-consumption, it's important for us to create objects that are durable, evolving, modern and adaptable. They enlighten and soothe you. We like to call them "feel-good" objects !

Innovation ; objects that are as soft as they are reassuring, able to accompany children from birth.

Well-being decoration ; decorative objects as pretty as they are reassuring, to create your own "cocoon" and give your home a cosy feel.