Maison Polochon, a meaningful story!

It's the story of Manuela, she previously worked as an executive for 20 years in major corporations in Paris, and one day decided to change her lifestyle following the birth of her two children, Victor and Paul.

It's the story of a passion for lightnings, decoration, a real concern for the well-being of young children, and the desire to turn it into a professional activity.

It's also the story of a young Victor who nicknamed his little brother  "My Polochon" and of a trigger straight from childhood : Manuela's grandfather's work lamp, which became her inspiration for her first nomadic lamp, "Passe-Partout".

When Maison Polochon was created in 2016, it was the desire to find the ideal Light for children that motivated Manuela's projects... until she discovered Maison Polochon's signature light, a light without over stimulation, with less than 20% blue light, its light, as soft as it is bright, allow children to light up without dazzled, giving them a feeling of well-being and tranquility.

100% made in France with an eco-responsible manufacturing process and local partners, all our products are assembled in a solidarity workshop, they are suitable for children from birth and designed for their well-being !

Practical and pretty, they provide a soft, reassuring light at all hours during the night. Like a soothing toy or a luminous companion, they stay with children, watching over their dreams and all the adventures that help them to grow up confident and independent... and what's important, as their own pace !

The website offers the entire « Maison Polochon » brand catalog. Enjoy your visit to our site and let your imagination and whims guide you ! Manuela, creator of Maison Polochon