1 - From what age are nomadic lamps suitable? 

Our nomadic lamps are ideal for young parents who have to take care of their baby at night.

They are accessible from 3 years old, as soon as the child begins to be in demand of autonomy to get up alone at night or to soothe his first fears of the dark.

2 - Are the lamps fragile?

Specially created to help the autonomy of children, the lamps are designed with a flexible and removable lampshade which is therefore the most fragile part but which can be changed when it is too worn or more to the taste of your loulou.

3 - How do I customize my lamp?

Simply choose the "customization" option from the menu. You can choose the cutting of the white lampshade or the engraving of the beech handle if the lampshade of your lamp is with a pattern, the first name is to be specified in the comment of your order.

4 - Does the lamp run on batteries?

You don't have to change any more batteries! The lamp is equipped with a rechargeable battery. When it needs to be plugged in with the supplied USB cable, your lamp starts flashing.

5 - How do I charge my lamp?

Is your lamp flashing? This means that it needs to be recharged. To do this, simply plug it into the mains with the supplied cable and a very low voltage transformer. When the light turns green, your lamp is 100% charged!

6 - What is the autonomy of the lamp?

A full battery allows you to use the lamp for more than 6 hours in high power, and about 40 hours in night light power.

7 - What are your delivery times?

We make every effort to ensure that you receive your orders as quickly as possible. Lamps are shipped within 2 days and orders with customization within 5 days, except in exceptional cases (end-of-year periods for example).

8 - How long does it take to customize the lamp?

You can count 5 days to customize your lamps in the cutting and engraving workshop with which we work locally.

9 - What is the power of light?

It depends on your desires! The power of the lamp is adjustable in night light mode and stronger mode to meet all the needs of children.

10 - Is the light powerful enough to read?

The maximum power of the intensity was calculated to be able to read or project a light to play or get up at night. 

11 - What type of bulb should I use for my lamp?

The lamp is equipped with 4 LEDs hidden under a dome protecting the retinas, they project less than 20% blue light and do not emit any heat.

12 - How do I change the bulb of my lamp?

There are no bulbs to change.

The 4 LEDs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours or more than 34 years at the rate of 2 hours per day every day!

13 - What is the life of the bulb?

The bulb has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. This corresponds to 34 years, at the rate of 2 hours of use per day every day 

14 - Where are the lamps made?

All our manufacturers are located in the Rhône-Alpes Region including for packaging and less than 100km from Polochon & Cie. We work in a short circuit without intermediary with each of them and assemble our lamps in our local solidarity workshop.

15 - Can you deliver with gift wrapping?

We do not offer gift paper because our recyclable cardboard packaging is as beautiful as it is ecological, it is the gift box of our lamps and also the ideal protection to ship them without the risk of damaging them during transport. We recommend that you keep it to take Passe-Partout with you during the holidays!

16 - Why is the lamp flashing?

This is the signal that the lamp emits when it needs to be recharged.

It's also a simple way to warn your child and guarantee them a minimum of light before it turns off completely.

17 - Why won't my lamp recharge?

If your lamp won't charge, check that it's not a cable concern.

If the control light does not turn green, try with another cable or contact our after-sales service on vente@maison-polochon.fr

18 - Should we leave the small ribbon?

Yes! Do not hesitate to leave it on the lampshade. It is very useful for maintaining the rounded shape of the lampshade and it makes it easy to hang the lamp anywhere!

19 - What type of hook to hang the lamp in applique?

It can hang easily wherever you want thanks to its light weight ... It weighs only 230g! Hook, hook S or our new base will be perfect to apply it or bedside lamp.

20 - Does the lamp give off heat?

The LED bulbs used do not give off heat and the automatic shutdown after an hour ensures that you do not leave your lamp on for too long.

21 - My child sleeps with his lamp, is it dangerous?

Thanks to its automatic extinction after an hour of use, and the LED bulbs that do not emit heat, your child risks absolutely nothing if he falls into the arms of Morpheus with it! Attention for the BB we recommend not to leave it in their bed to avoid any scratching,

22 - Can the lamp stay on all night?

Yes it is possible! You just have to choose the night light mode when you plug it in. This turns off auto-off after an hour, and your child can enjoy its soft light all night long.

23 - My child puts the lamp in his mouth, is it dangerous?

The plastic parts are all selected with a food approval: the glue used is solvent-free, and the beech handle is not varnished. There is therefore no particular risk for your child.

24 - How is this lamp eco-responsible?

Our lamps are manufactured in France and locally: all our service providers are located less than 100 km away.

The glue used is a solvent-free glue, the batteries are rechargeable, the lampshades interchangeable and recyclable and the LEDs consume little energy.

The beech of our sleeves also comes from sustainably managed forests.

25 - How to wash the lamp?

A simple sponge or a damp cloth with a little soap will clean your lamp.