Committed, Made-in-France manufacturing 

Made in France in a solidarity-based approach  with the help of our local partners for all stages of production: design, conception, manufacturing and assembling.  

Each of these operations is carried out less than 100km from the head office, located in the Lyon region, in the middle of the Beaujolais vineyards, in order to limit the carbon impact and encourage local employment.

We have chosen to assemble our products in a workshop dedicated to the employment of people with disabilities, located 20 km from our offices. This workshop enables people with disabilities to carry out a professional activity in a caring and protected environment. Thus, our workshop helps to boost the self-esteem and confidence of the people in charge of assembling our lamps.

Here at Maison Polochon we believe in the power of inclusivity!


The most fundamental concern for Maison Polochon is the safety of your little ones!  

Our lamps are rechargeable, with low-consumption LEDs and automatic switch-off after 1 hour, preventing all-night lighting that is harmful for deep sleep and blue light that is the enemy of melatonin, the sleep hormone,

They have a warm light with less than 20% blue light and a light-attenuating dome to avoid direct contact with the light source and protect the fragile eyes of toddlers!

Our lamps contain no varnish, PVC or solvents... so your little ones can put them in their mouths without any danger!


It's a driving force for our teams ... slow design, recycling, reuse, reducing our carbon footprint, welcoming young people with learning difficulties into our teams ... from the product's conception to our daily gestures, everything is done to respect the people and the planet. 

We pay close attention to choose natural materials such as PEFC-certified beech wood from sustainably managed forests and our OEKO TEX-certified wool felt masks and cotton bags.

Our lamps are rechargeable, with low-energy LEDs and automatic switch-off after 1 hour's use, which reduces energy consumption and avoids the use of polluting batteries or energy-guzzling bulbs,

We also offer Made in France packaging made from 80% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard.

Slow Design, 

Our approach combines traditional craftsmanship with industrial techniques that are limited to the essentials. 

Our materials are environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch and free from any harmful substances. 

Our lamps are durable and adaptable to your children's needs. Simply change a shade on Passe-Partout or a mask on Kivala to lengthen the life of your product.

Throughout its lifetime, we offer a repair service so you only have to change the worn part of your lamp,

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