Maison Polochon in the spotlight in Public Magazine !

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Maison Polochon is featured in the ‘Kids Corner’ category of Public magazine. Discover the article celebrating our nomadic lamps for children, soft and practical Made in France products.

We've got some great news to share with you! Maison Polochon has been featured in the ‘Le Coin Kids’ category of the 6 April 2024 edition of Public magazine. This leading magazine for families and enthusiasts of new products devoted an article to our nomadic children's lamps. Find out how our company continues to shine thanks to its innovative and committed products!

At Maison Polochon, we're delighted to have our efforts recognised by such a prestigious medium as Public. In their article, our nomadic lamps are described as the ideal accessory to accompany children on all their adventures, whether they're reading or playing under a hut of sheets.

Read the Public article: 

"Light at every level. To illuminate their reading evenings or great adventures in blanket forts, give your children the lovely reading light from Maison Polochon. Since 2016, this Beaujolais-based company has been selling nomadic lamps with poetic lampshades. Made in France, easy to handle, they can be used as a nightlight, flashlight, or wall lamp depending on the needs and age of our little ones. A low-tech, wave-free product that promises to spark joy in the eyes of both children and adults!"

We're particularly proud of this description, which highlights our values and our commitment to quality products that are made in France and respect children. Thank you to Public for this recognition!

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