Clamps mi, pliers me are... cute little animals!

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The month of April is a month very rich in small important events for our dear toddlers. Polochon & Cie did not have the heart to choose between honoring the little fish or the cute little animals of Easter !! So this month it is not one but two activities that we offer you:

- "Surprise fish"

- Cute little rabbits

One thing is for sure you will very quickly "pinch" for the new boyfriends of your children!

For fish you need:

- Wooden clothespins

- Felts

- Double-sided glue or adhesive tape

- Pretty little fish (don't panic, we give them to you)

Creating a "surprise fish" is very fast. Start by having your child choose his favorite little fish from the models to download (here) or for the most creative make him draw his own fish.

Once the fish is cut, it remains for your little budding artist to customize it as he sees fit. But between us, a successful "surprise fish" is a very colorful fish.

Cutting the fish in half in its length, promised it won't hurt!

All you have to do is glue the pretty little fish with a piece of double-sided tape or glue all along the clothespin, that's it you have your "surprise fish" is ready to devour everything it finds on its way, including Easter chocolates!

For the rabbit you need:

- Wooden clothespins

- Thick colored paper (Canson type)

- A little paint or felt paints

- A fine-tipped marker

- A small pompom or pieces of wool

- A pair of scissors

- Double-sided adhesive tape

To begin with, it will be necessary to disassemble the clothespins, to achieve this it is enough to remove the spring, but keep it close to you it will have to be reassembled. Once this step is completed, it is up to your child to play. Give him the brushes to fully paint this clothespin that will very soon be the body of the little rabbit. Once the paint is dry, you can reassemble the clothespin.

With a fine brush or a paint felt, have your little painter draw the rabbit's ears. Two strokes on the side of the clothespin will suffice.

Now to your scissors! cut a circle about 2.5 cm in diameter from a thick sheet of paper, preferably in the same color that your child chooses for his rabbit's body. On this small circle of paper, ask your little artist to draw the face of the rabbit, the easiest way is to use a felt.

It's soon over, you just have to place a piece of double-sided behind this little face, then stick it on the clothespin at the spring. To finish your little rabbit, same way to do on the other side by sticking a small pompom or a few strands of wool to make a nice soft tail.

That's it, you now have pretty custom clothespins, ideal for closing a bag of cereal or serving as a bookmark.

Do not hesitate to share with us your most beautiful creations. See you soon for a new activity.

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