Rechargeable Portable Lamp KIVALA with its 3 Felt Masks
  • Rechargeable Portable Lamp KIVALA with its 3 Felt Masks
  • Customisable torch set for little adventurers
  • KIVALA nomadic water-resistant lamp for little adventurers and explorers
  • KIVALA nomadic water-resistant lamp for little adventurers and explorers
  • KIVALA nomadic water-resistant lamp for little adventurers and explorers
  • Waterproof nightlight, reading light and adventure lamp for indoor and outdoor experiences
  • KIVALA 5-in-1 Portable Lamp in Blue Granite Color

KIVALA - the lighting friend for kids



KIVALA is the rechargeable nomad lamp for our superheroes, water-resistant and fully customisable thanks to its felt masks that change its look and its stickers that make it unique... Several mask kits are available.

With 2 levels of light output and masks that can dim the light, KIVALA is perfect for soothing, reassuring, and empowering your children both inside and outside the home.

A super fun 5-in-1 concept, the Torch from your childhood was reinvented to be used as a Nightlight or Reading Light that can be hung up or put down as you wish! 

- The box contains the KIVALA lamp, 3 interchangeable wool felt masks, 1 sheet of alphabet stickers to personalise it, and 1 cotton pouch to take it everywhere! 

- Battery life: 8hrs on power 2 and 80hrs on power 1, rapid charge 3hrs.

- An eco-responsible gift made in France.

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Our concept

KIVALA is an innovative 5-in-1 concept, designed and developed to please the whole family. It's a luminous companion, a reassuring cuddly toy for children and a must-have for parents.

Easy to use, it automatically switches itself off after an hour, and its two levels of light allow children to read without being dazzled, and to fall asleep peacefully. As soon as it flashes, simply charge it with the USB-C cable provided. Lightweight and water-resistant, you can take it anywhere.

A fun vintage reinterpretation of the torch that lulled our childhood, its light and masks let children play and imagine stories with shadows. KIVALA is a reassuring lamp that will accompany your children and help them grow up safely and independently. 

Our Signature Light

Our nomadic lamps are lovingly designed for the visual well-being of our little-ones:  

⚡ 2 light settings: soft for soothing or falling asleep and bright for reading, playing or exploring the world, 
???? Less than 20% blue light for healthy eyes!  
???? An opacifying diffuser dome that prevents direct eye contact with the light source, limiting the risk of glare, 
⏰ Gradual automatic switch-off after 1 hour!
???? Warm, cocooning white light (2767 Kelvin),  
???? Flashes when it needs charging,
???? Does not generate heat 

And with its masks, dimming the light to suit your mood is a child's play! 
With Maison Polochon, light is a promise of well-being ????

Positive education

Inspired by the Montessori method (educational pedagogy based on children's autonomy and confidence to facilitate their learning), our KIVALA lamps make it possible to :

  • - Have a better understanding of rest and stimulation times,
  • - Discover the world at their own pace through observation, imagination and play,
  • - Encourage independence through simple, sensory and ergonomic design,
  • - Create their own reassuring "cocoon", without over-stimulation,
  • - Improve sleep quality by stimulating mental well-being. The lamp becomes a luminous companion that reassures the child.

A unique luminous companion

KIVALA is completely customisable! 

Children can give free rein to their creativity by personalising their KIVALA to suit them, thanks to a choice of masks and stickers.

A sustainable and unique gift

With a wide range of personalisation options, our decorative pieces make unique gifts: for births, baptisms or birthdays. Ideal for reassuring children and allowing them to grow at their own pace. A unique gift that's as decorative as it is useful for reading time.

Made In France

All our products are made and assembled in France in a socially responsible workshop. Our suppliers are all less than 100km from the Lyon warehouse and we are committed to an eco-responsible approach on a day-to-day level.

Lampe pour enfant KIVALA